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May God Bless the Ringdahl Family! 4/30/2013

With being out of the loop, we were shocked and saddened to learn of the tragic fatal accident that occurred to one of our fellow ECC families.  The father, Eric, was riding his bike along El Camino Real and was struck by a car on Sunday, 4/21.  He leaves behind his wife, Amy, and 3 […]


Tuesdays Are Our Early Days! 4/30/2013

On Tuesdays, we have our first appointment over at the main hospital at 7am which means we are on the road by 6am.  That makes for a very early wake up!  They check Travis’ vitals, access his port, draw blood for lab work, give him his weekly chemo push and then we meet with the […]

Week 3 is Under Way! 4/29/2013

We started our third week of treatment and Travis continues to power through even though he has some little discomforts and some fatigue.  Afterwards, we were scheduled for another full afternoon of testing but this time it was for Neuro-Ophthalmology.  Again, they want to establish a baseline so they can closely follow any effects from […]

Weekend Warrior! 4/28/2013

We had big plans to go to a soccer game on Saturday to watch semi-pro teams Houston Hurricanes (NPSL) and the Houston Dutch Lions (USL-PDL) play.  One of the staff at our hotel has a connection with the Hurricanes staff and arranged for us to sit with the team.  The owner, Brendan Keyes, is a […]

Week 2 is Through! 4/26/2013

We started out the day with Lynne flying home to Carlsbad for a long weekend.  She was very reluctant to leave but we reassured her that we would be OK and that we are in excellent hands both at MD Anderson and at the hotel.  We also have some of our new friends here in […]

Almost There! 4/25/2013

After our treatment today, Travis worked to finish up a lot of his homework packet so that we can drop everything off to Mrs. Roberts over this weekend when I am home.  He did a great job and really worked hard on all of his subjects.  He loves school and loves staying connected to Mrs. […]

Fingers Crossed! 4/24/2013

Each day this week has been better than the one before and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it continues to the end of week 2.  After our Proton Therapy today, we had an Audiology appointment which took up most of the afternoon.  This is part of a series of baseline tests that they […]

Doing OK Today! 4/23/2013

Travis was doing OK today!  Tuesdays are our harder days with appointments scheduled as early as 7am in addition to the daily Proton Therapy.  He had his second round of chemo so that means only 4 more to go during his radiation treatment.  This chemo, Vincristine, is used to supplement his radiation treatment.  He will […]

Week 2, Here We Go! 4/22/2013

Travis woke up this morning still feeling the effects of having some aches and pains from last week’s treatment.  But he got up, had breakfast and battled right back for the start of week 2.  What a Warrior!  After his treatment, we had to drive to the airport so I could head back home.  It […]

Recovery Weekend 4/21/2013

We took things easy so that Travis could recharge over the weekend and try to bounce back by Monday to start Week 2 of treatment.  He was tired and wanted to sleep in which we did.  His jaw was still hurting this weekend due to the radiation affecting his salivary gland.  We tried to have […]