Latest MRI Results are All Clear! 9/3/2015

In case you haven’t heard over the last couple weeks, Travis’ latest MRI results came back CLEAR!  They are clear in terms of our favorite phrase “No Sign of Disease” (aka No Sign of Cancer) and they are also clear regarding his Compression Fracture in his T9 Vertebrae.  YEAH!!!

It has been almost a year since they detected his compression fracture in his spine last September and we received the dreaded “No Running or Jumping” order from the doctors.  As it turns out, that is like torture for a kid to see all his friends running, jumping and playing all the time and knowing he can’t participate.  But Travis, like the true Warrior he is, powered through and made the best of things by as he says “running in my mind” while he was race walking and even cheating a little here and there.  Yes, Mom and Dad have eyes in the back of their head and ears listening to EVERYTHING!  Along with the all clear order came another year of Fosomax which is a bone strengthener for osteoporosis or brittle bones.  In the grand scheme of things, what’s the big deal with continuing the pill as long as you can run and jump, right?

So, leaving the doctor’s office that day, the first thing Travis did was RUN down the hallway.  Then he proceeded to RUN across the parking lot to the car.  When he got home, he went for a RUN around the block.  Then he went out to the soccer field to RUN around and even RUN some laps.  It was like he had been set free!  The doctors still want to hold off from doing any contact sports until his bones are strengthened more so we will deal with that.  Overall, things are good and Travis is a Warrior!


Tony and Lynne


4 comments on “Latest MRI Results are All Clear! 9/3/2015

  1. I am so excited for Travis and you all. Just marvelous news. Just Wonderfull

  2. Oh so happy 4 all of you. I know it has not been easy. Travis being the warrior that he is just sucked it up and moved on. I can imagine how many miles he ran in his sleep. He has had a lot of support and so many great role models. Great family and friends. And of course the best of all daddy, mommy and big brother. Run Travis run.
    Love u all ♡♡♡ Grandma

  3. Great news!!!! Yay!!

  4. Such wonderful news!!!!!!!! Love you guys!!!!!!

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