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Fingers Crossed! 4/24/2013

Each day this week has been better than the one before and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it continues to the end of week 2.  After our Proton Therapy today, we had an Audiology appointment which took up most of the afternoon.  This is part of a series of baseline tests that they do either prior to or in the beginning of treatment so they can compare against later on post treatment.  We did manage to squeeze in a McFlurry on the way home.


Thanks again to Cheyanne and Quinn for your extra effort over weekend to continue the “Treats for Travis” bake sale.  As if Thursday and Friday were not enough at preschool, you guys set up a stand in front of your house on Saturday and then walked 2 miles going door to door on Sunday to continue the fundraiser.  And then to top it off, you took the remaining goodies over to Bread for Life to help feed people in need.  Wow!  That means so much to us that you would do all of that for Travis and we have a special affection for Bread for Life as that is one of the places we have helped prepare and serve meals.  You are amazing people!


As if we didn’t have enough to deal with, we were notified of a fraud alert on one of our credit cards yesterday.  Apparently someone was trying to make some purchases in Connecticut which was out the ordinary.  The purchases were denied before we were even notified and a new card was issued.  What a hassle at this time but thanks to AMEX for looking out for us and having our backs!


Thanks to the Fritts family for a great dinner for Tony, Tyler and Grandma!  They said that everything was delicious and very much appreciated.


Tony arrives on Thursday and then Lynne will be heading to Carlsbad on Friday for a long weekend.



Lynne and Tony


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