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Weekend Warrior! 4/28/2013

We had big plans to go to a soccer game on Saturday to watch semi-pro teams Houston Hurricanes (NPSL) and the Houston Dutch Lions (USL-PDL) play.  One of the staff at our hotel has a connection with the Hurricanes staff and arranged for us to sit with the team.  The owner, Brendan Keyes, is a really cool guy and is all about giving back to the community.  So, we were very excited to be able to go and hoping Travis would continue to feel good through the weekend.  As luck would have it, the weather came in like a hurricane and we had severe thunderstorms roll through all afternoon on Saturday.  There were spectacular lightning strikes, sometimes seeming to land right across the street with a loud bang.  The rain was coming down in sheets that would blow sideways from the south and then back the other way from the north.  Then there was hail mixed in to make things even more interesting.  The news said that there was between 6 and 8 inches of rain that fell in about a 5 hour period that left streets flooded, branches and trees down.  Just to compare, in the San Diego area, we may only see 6-8 inches of rain in a year.  We watched it all from the comfort of our hotel.


Somehow through the storm, the postal service managed to deliver a great care package from the Splavec family.  You know what they say: neither snow nor rain nor… Thanks you all (both the Splavec family and the Postal Service) for bringing a smile to Travis’ face!


Back in Carlsbad, Lynne, her mom and Tyler went to see a movie and then went out for pizza and ice cream.  Travis and I had our guy’s weekend eating sliders, chips, candy and chocolate milk.  Doctor’s orders…trust me!


Lynne, Tyler and Cathy were able to go to church, out for brunch with friends and catch up with as many people as possible during Lynne’s short stay at home.  Travis and I hung out on Sunday so that he could rest up for week 3.  We ended up watching a full day of TV (Soccer, Discovery, History, A&E, Cartoons, etc.).  We thought about going over to the stadium to watch the Houston Dynamos play the Colorado Rapids but Travis didn’t quite have the energy so we watched the game on TV.  It was a good game with a lot of action!  With the 1-1 tie, the Dynamos continue their record of 30 consecutive undefeated home games.  Travis is becoming quite a fan of our new home-away-from-home team.


Week 3, here we come!



Tony and Lynne


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