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Happy Easter! 3/31/2013

Happy Easter from the Selinka family!  We made it to the 9:30am Easter Mass and although it was crowded, it meant so much for us to be there.  We were invited to bring up the Gifts which was very special for us on this special day. We stopped by to see our friends, Shannon and […]


Good Friday and Friday Night Lights 3/29/2013

Good Friday was the last day of school before spring break and was the last day of school for Travis until the end of May.  Mrs. Roberts has been so great about keeping him up to speed and preparing work for him to do while he is out in Houston.  So, even though he won’t […]

ECC Garden Planting and Aunt Karen Arrived Today 3/28/2013

Sarah arranged to have a tree dedicated at school in honor of Travis.  The class also decided to plant some cantaloupe in the school garden for our little gardener.  All of the kids in Mrs. Roberts’ class created “Wish Sticks” where they made wishes for Travis and planted them in the garden too.  Wow!  Thanks […]

Stitches are Out and Soccer Practice 3/27/2013

This morning we had our appointment to have Travis’ stiches removed and will be the last time we see the neuro-surgeons for several months.   Nothing personal Dr. Levy and Dr. Sack but that is a good thing!  Travis (and Lynne) went to school again today for more than 3 hours.  Lynne has been staying with […]

Fish Printing Art Lesson and Sam’s School Visit 3/26/2013

Lynne helps with the Arts Attack program at school and Mrs. Roberts wanted to do a Fish Printing project with the class.  This was originally scheduled for a couple of weeks ago but was switched since we were in the hospital and Travis wanted to participate.  Basically this involves taking a real fish (not live, […]

All Forms of Communication are Welcome! 3/26/2013

We wanted to let everyone know that we welcome and appreciate any and all forms of communication (phone calls, emails, texts, visits)!  We have heard from friends and family that they may not be sure what is the best way to reach out or when it would be the right time to contact us.  But […]

Doctor’s Appointment 3/25/2013

We had our meeting today with our neuro-oncologist, Dr. Crawford, to discuss all of the test results and his proposed plan for treatment.  Based on the test results of the tumor pathology, spinal fluid and further evaluation of the spinal MRI, Dr. Crawford is proposing a more aggressive treatment plan that he will discuss with […]

School Today 3/25/2013

Travis went to school today and was able to stay about 3 hours.  Mrs. Roberts, and the entire class, has been so welcoming to Travis and accommodating of our situation.  Audrey sits next to Travis and when she saw him come in the classroom, she immediately jumped up and took his chair down from the […]

Made it to Church for Palm Sunday! 3/24/2013

After having his port installed on Friday, Travis’ chest and arm were pretty sore that evening and Saturday too.  We just took it easy and waited to see if he would be up for going to church.  He was still a little sore on Sunday morning but we made it to church since it was […]

Tyler Update 3/23/2013

Many people have been asking how Tyler is doing through this situation.  Well, the fact is Tyler has been a huge help through all of this! We have had to rely on him and trust him to be responsible while we are taking care of Travis. During these last few weeks, at various times, Tyler […]