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Tuesdays Are Our Early Days! 4/30/2013

On Tuesdays, we have our first appointment over at the main hospital at 7am which means we are on the road by 6am.  That makes for a very early wake up!  They check Travis’ vitals, access his port, draw blood for lab work, give him his weekly chemo push and then we meet with the Oncologist to go over how everything is going.  We are usually done by 9:30-10am and then we head back over to the Proton Center for our 1 hour radiation treatment.  The good news is that we are usually done by noon.  By that time, it usually feels like we have had a full day.  On our way back to the Proton Center, we had to part ways with Tony so that he could fly back home.  It is always hard to say goodbye but he will be back on Friday so hopefully Travis will feel up to doing something this weekend.  We are keeping our hopes up but will play things by ear!


After his treatment, Travis was feeling hungry and wanted to stop at Sonic for another chili-cheese dog so we can get some meat on his bones.  We made it back to the hotel and opened a package from Aunt Karen.  She sent Travis the Clarkesville Academy Cougar Café Spatula Award since he is “One Tough Cookie.”  Very cool!


We spent the rest of the afternoon working on homework and trying to get caught up.  We try to take advantage of the times when everything is going good.  I brought back a couple boxes of Sees Candy and shared them with the staff at the Proton Center and the staff at the Homewood Suites.  Everyone has gone out of their way to be so nice to us and they all loved the candy.





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