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Almost There! 4/25/2013

After our treatment today, Travis worked to finish up a lot of his homework packet so that we can drop everything off to Mrs. Roberts over this weekend when I am home.  He did a great job and really worked hard on all of his subjects.  He loves school and loves staying connected to Mrs. Roberts and the rest of the class!

Later in the afternoon, we went and met Christyn (Cara’s sister), Mason and Madison at their house.  It was nice to talk while Travis and Mason played on the Wii.  Christyn has been so supportive of us here from words of encouragement to offering her help in any way she can.  Wow…what a nice person and family!  Christyn and her family are also involved with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation here in Houston.  St. Baldrick’s Foundation works to raise money to help fight childhood cancers.  All the boys in their family recently took part in a fundraising event at their school where they all shaved their heads.  The whole family is full of special people!

We received two beautiful shawls handmade by the “Women of Prayer Shawl” Organization at Bethlehem Church.  Thank you so much and we can tell these are works of love.  Travis loves to cuddle with his when he is laying on the couch.

Tony arrived this evening and we prepared for a changing of the guard as I head home tomorrow and he will take care of Travis.  Now that I am in my full treatment mode, it is hard to let go and even think about leaving.  But, I know the boys will do a good job and it will be nice to be at home for a few days.  I am looking forward to seeing Tyler, my mom, Cisco and friends.

Time to pack!




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