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Week 2, Here We Go! 4/22/2013

IMG_20130422_ResizedImage951366908212519Travis woke up this morning still feeling the effects of having some aches and pains from last week’s treatment.  But he got up, had breakfast and battled right back for the start of week 2.  What a Warrior!  After his treatment, we had to drive to the airport so I could head back home.  It was nice to have the time together but hard to say goodbye.  At least it will only be until Thursday this week.  Then Lynne will be coming home this weekend from Friday to Monday to see Tyler, Grandma and Cisco.  Lynne has been doing an incredible job taking care of everything.  She is a Warrior too and now we know where Travis gets it from!

On the way back to the hotel Travis wanted a Blizzard from Dairy Queen.  I guess you need a change from McFlurries every once in a while.  When they got back, there were a couple of boxes waiting for them and some cards.  Thanks so much Bethlehem Preschool for the great care packages and support for our family.  You all have been so important in keeping us going.  Thanks also to Cheyanne and Quinn for your tireless efforts for Travis (and us)!  You are amazing people with hearts of gold!

I made it back to the Coaster station where Tyler and Grandma picked me up just in time for a great dinner provided by the Perryman family.  Thanks you all!


Tony and Lynne


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