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Recovery Weekend 4/21/2013

We took things easy so that Travis could recharge over the weekend and try to bounce back by Monday to start Week 2 of treatment.  He was tired and wanted to sleep in which we did.  His jaw was still hurting this weekend due to the radiation affecting his salivary gland.  We tried to have him exercise it by eating and drinking whatever he wanted.   Doctor’s orders!


Travis worked on some school work when he was feeling good.  He is such a conscientious student even when he is not feeling 100%.  We ended up moving rooms to the newly remodeled area of the hotel.  The rooms have been painted, new carpet, furniture, etc. so it is like we have a new apartment.  We ordered dinner from Chili’s To Go and came back home to eat.  Travis really wanted the sliders even though they were hard to eat but said they were the best ever.  He washed it all down with a chocolate milkshake. We will keep Chili’s in our rotation!


Tyler, Grandma and Cisco are holding down the home front.  They went to see a movie and out to dinner.  They went to church and out for a Sunday ice cream at Yogurt Shack. 


We went and got Travis’ hair cut with a new summer almost buzz cut and then attended the contemporary Mass at church with a jazzy, gospel type band.  Travis is a good looking dude with long or short hair!


We will keep taking things one step at a time and even if we get knocked down 7 times, we will get up 8.



Lynne and Tony


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