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Enjoying Our Time Together! 5/31/2013

It has been almost a week since we arrived back home and we have been enjoying our time together as we settle back into somewhat of a normal life (for now).  Maybe it’s just me but everything seems so much more vivid as we have time to take it all in.  We have had a […]

What Happens Next? 5/29/2013

It was nice to have the long weekend at home to rest up and start preparing for the next part of our journey.  Our doctors have recommended that Travis take this week off from school so that he can continue building his strength back up after the radiation therapy.  So, we are planning to have […]

Carlsbad, the Eagle has Landed! 5/25/2013

Travis and Lynne are Home!!!  No matter what Mother Nature threw at us, whether it was the torrential rain storm we passed through in Texas, or the triple digit heat of the deserts or the high winds in the California desert/mountains, there was nothing that would keep us from getting home.  We were on a […]

Treatment is Done and We are on the Run! 5/24/2013

We had Travis’ last treatment today.  Yeah!!!  Who would have thought 7 weeks after arriving in Houston, we would be on the road home.  When we look back to that first week of appointments and then the difficulties after starting the first week of treatments, it seems like a whole different world.  Despite all that […]

Tremendous Thursday! 5/23/2013

This afternoon, we had a small party for our Homewood Suites family.  We had a cake from Costco and Lynne decorated it with the Duck symbol of the Homewood Suites.  By the way, there is a story behind why they use the Duck as their symbol.  It was really hard to say goodbye to everyone!  […]

Thank You Homewood Suites! 5/23/2013

Dear Homewood Suites Family,                                                                                 May 23, 2013   From the very first day we arrived, we were always greeted with a “Hi.  How you doing?  How’s your day? How are you feeling today Travis? Welcome back.  Nice to see you.”  And that has continued to this day.  From this, grew a friendship that I hold […]

Wonderful Wednesday! 5/22/2013

We had our appointment today and then had to go take care of some paperwork at the big hospital so that our medical records can be sent back to San Diego.  After that, we had a few errands to run, school work to do and packing to start.  It is amazing how much you can […]

Teacher Appreciation Day at El Camino Creek! 5/22/2013

Dear Mrs. Roberts,   This has been a year that is beyond belief.  From the beginning of the school year, we felt so lucky to have Travis in your class.  You have a wonderful way of teaching the kids while they also have fun.  The element of challenge was always in the air.   The […]

Terrific Tuesday! 5/21/2013

Today was our early morning appointments and we left the hotel at 6am but it was all worth it since it was our last Vincristine appointment, last lab work and last port access here in Houston.  Yeah!  As a small celebration, Travis wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory and order (you guessed it) sliders […]

Happy Anniversary Babe! 5/21/2013

As we celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary this week, there is nothing more we would rather be doing then driving across the deserts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California together on our way home.  We have booked a 2 day trip that includes about 20 hours of driving and a 1 night, all inclusive […]