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Week 3 is Under Way! 4/29/2013

Week 3!

Week 3!

We started our third week of treatment and Travis continues to power through even though he has some little discomforts and some fatigue.  Afterwards, we were scheduled for another full afternoon of testing but this time it was for Neuro-Ophthalmology.  Again, they want to establish a baseline so they can closely follow any effects from his treatment.  We were there for a total of 6 hours but most of the time was just waiting around.  The total Test and Exam time was probably only about an hour.  It reminds me of my military days a long time ago where our motto was “hurry up and wait.”  During the afternoon, we depleted every snack we had in our backpack and were down to chewing gum to make it until we could get something to eat for dinner.  Travis named off every type of food they have down in the cafeteria because he said that he was so hungry and could not wait until we left the hospital.  That is really good to hear that his appetite is still there and that he is thinking about food in such vivid ways.  So, we settled on pizza and he said that it was the best pizza he ever had.  Go figure!  I guess that is one way to get you to like hospital food (starve you into submission).  Just kidding!  The food in the cafeteria is actually pretty good and they do have quite a variety.

Since we left the hospital so late, we ended up going straight to the airport to pick up Lynne.  We did manage to squeeze in enough time to grab a McFlurry to enjoy for dessert on the way to pick her up.  Believe it or not, with all of Travis’ McFlurry fixes over the last couple of months, that was the first full one I had to enjoy on my own.  Normally all I was able to get was a bite here and there.  I have to say after having the full experience, man those things are good!  Thanks Travis for treating me.

Lynne arrived back in Houston after having a great weekend seeing Tyler, her mom, Cisco and everyone she could squeeze in with such a short amount of time.  She was happy to be back though and relieved to know that Travis and I were able to survive while she was gone.  It reminded me of our Indian Guide days where we would head off camping with the boys for the weekend and Lynne would have that look of relief when we all rolled back into the garage in one piece on Sunday.  I feel very honored that she trusted me to stand guard for a few days.  ;o)  It must be a mommy thing!




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