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Week 2 is Through! 4/26/2013

We started out the day with Lynne flying home to Carlsbad for a long weekend.  She was very reluctant to leave but we reassured her that we would be OK and that we are in excellent hands both at MD Anderson and at the hotel.  We also have some of our new friends here in Houston who are looking out for us and willing to help if we need it.  Lynne was looking forward to seeing Tyler, her mom and our dog, Cisco.  She was also looking forward to seeing friends after being gone for 3 weeks now.


After seeing Lynne off to the airport, Travis and I were able to get ready, have breakfast downstairs and make it to the Proton Center 30 minutes before our appointment.  We couldn’t run the risk of being late for our first outing on our guy’s weekend.  No pressure!  Even though Lynne has anything and everything organized (you all know what I mean, right), Travis still helps me to make sure I am on top of things since he knows the routine. ;o)


We met with the doctor and she was very pleased with the progress Travis has made since last Friday.  Last week was a rough one on our little fighter but he has really battled back to where he is feeling much better.  Then, he went right in and did his final treatment of the week without hesitation.  Warrior!


Once Lynne arrived home, she stopped by to see everyone at Bethlehem Preschool and thank them for all of their support.  She will most likely go again on Monday morning so that she can see the kids.  She really misses being there with her Bethlehem family!


We spent the afternoon, yes the entire afternoon, with Travis doing some neuropsychological testing.  This was to establish a baseline so that they can try to determine if there are any long term effects on him from the proton therapy.  He will do follow up testing in a year which will then be compared against the baseline.  He said the testing was easy at first in each topic but got harder as they went.  He had fun with it and liked some of the challenging problems he had to solve.


On the way home, Travis felt like having some Chili’s Sliders, so how could I say no.  We shared them and man those things are good!  Thanks to the Lampe family for a great dinner and somehow they managed to time a care package to arrive in Houston at the same time.  How did you do that?


Week 2 is through!





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