Week 4 is Out the Door! 5/10/2013

At the end of Week 4, we have now finished our full cranial/spinal treatment and will be moving on to “boost” treatments over the next 2 weeks.  Major milestone!  Our radiation treatment appointments will go from 1 hour down to 30 minutes and will be scheduled mostly in the early morning which will free up […]

Thankful Thursday! 5/9/2013

As we near the end of Week 4, we have so many things to be thankful for.  First and foremost, we are thankful that Travis is doing well.  Even without hair, he is a handsome dude!  Second, we are thankful for all the support from family, friends, neighbors and our entire community who have been […]

Wednesday Came and Went! 5/8/2013

We had Proton at 11:00 am and ate lunch at Subway after our treatment.  Travis has been wanting to eat there for a while.  Some more of what he calls “quality fast food.”  We went to the Health Museum after that.  Admission was free with our RH Fleet membership.  It was a small museum, but […]

Busy Tuesdays! 5/7/2013

Again, we have managed to forget to mention some special people.  Where does the mind go?  Thanks so much Trish, Kathleen, Sherri, Lynn and Kristina for your generous gifts and special cards.  You all are so kind to us and Travis can’t wait to get back and say hi to our Novatel family.   With […]

Start of Week 4 With So Much Appreciation In Our Hearts! 5/6/2013

After such a busy and fun weekend, we realized that we forgot to thank some of our friends for their kind gestures.  Thanks to the Price family and Trina for the great care packages!  Thanks to the Kohn and O’Leary families for your generous gifts!  Travis loved everything!  And, thanks to the Yousko family for […]

Almost Like a Normal Weekend! 5/5/2013

On Saturday after breakfast, we watched the movie Life of Pi.  Travis really liked it!  We went out to watch a soccer game at the Houston Amateur Sports Park where the Houston Dynamo Academy teams play.  We had a picnic lunch, threw a Nerf football and kicked the soccer ball around for a little bit.  […]

Free From Week 3! 5/3/2013

We are officially halfway done with 3 weeks down and 3 more weeks to go.  Yeah!  Also, in terms of our little milestones that we track, we now have 3/4 of the full cranial/spinal radiation done and only have 1 more week of this full radiation to go.  Then we move to finish the remaining […]

Week 3 is Almost Done! 5/2/2013

Our treatment went well again today.  Travis is an old pro now.  He gets himself changed, climbs up on the table, lines himself up and all the technicians say that he makes their job much easier.  After our treatment, we went over to the main hospital again.  No, not for another appointment!  This time it […]

Mid-Week, Another Day Checked Off! 5/1/2013

After our treatment today, Travis had another baseline appointment but this time it was with Endocrinology so they can keep an eye on any potential effects from the radiation treatment.  They talked mainly about potential issues with his Thyroid and possible slight growth impacts from treating the spine.  Afterwards, Travis wanted to stop by the […]

Tuesdays Are Our Early Days! 4/30/2013

On Tuesdays, we have our first appointment over at the main hospital at 7am which means we are on the road by 6am.  That makes for a very early wake up!  They check Travis’ vitals, access his port, draw blood for lab work, give him his weekly chemo push and then we meet with the […]