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Busy Tuesdays! 5/7/2013

Again, we have managed to forget to mention some special people.  Where does the mind go?  Thanks so much Trish, Kathleen, Sherri, Lynn and Kristina for your generous gifts and special cards.  You all are so kind to us and Travis can’t wait to get back and say hi to our Novatel family.


With the early start on Tuesdays and all of the appointments we have (port access, lab work, doctor appointment, chemo push and proton treatment), we feel like we have had a full day by lunch time (and we have).  The doctors are pleased with where Travis is again this week.  He is feeling good, his counts are good and his side effects are minimal.  Knock on wood!!!


During the afternoon, we worked on some school work, thank you cards and emails.  Before you know it, the afternoon was gone and it was dinner time.  The theme was Cajun style food at the hotel.  Did we say that these free dinners from Monday to Thursday are great and very convenient?  Travis ate like a machine.  With a big meal in his stomach combined with our early start, he was asleep on the coach by 8pm.


Where did the time go?  In a couple of days, Grandma and then Tony and Tyler will be in Houston for Mother’s Day.  Besides pictures and Skype, Tyler and Travis have not seen each other since April 14th and Grandma has not seen Travis since Christmas time.  It will be great for all of us to be together for the weekend!



Lynne and Tony


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