Thank You Houston Dynamo! 5/19/2013

Hello Houston Dynamo, We want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you did for Travis and our family in creating such a special day.  From being greeted at the door by Stephanie and being introduced to Chris, Stephen and Eddie, to meeting Melissa from […]

Go Houston Dynamo! 5/18/2013

We went and met Lucy’s nephew, Ker, and his wife Rachel and their two kids Audrey and Bradley on Saturday.  They invited us to their beautiful swim and tennis club for lunch.  The food was delicious and the kids were able to go and check out all the cool things the club has to offer.  […]

5 Weeks and a Smile on My Cheeks! 5/17/2013

We met with our Doctor today for our weekly appointment and we received the good news that she feels that we can do our last treatment session on Friday, 5/24.  Yeah!  That means that we will be able to drive home over Memorial Day weekend.   The Texas A&M Aggie football team helps the MD […]

“Technology” Thursday! 5/16/2013

We had an in-depth behind the scenes tour of the Proton Center today after Travis’ treatment appointment.  This place is so full of technology; it really is an amazing engineering marvel (sorry, needed some help with this part).  At the heart of the Proton Center, there is piece of equipment called the Cyclotron where the […]

“Flash” Wednesday! 5/15/2013

Travis’ treatments go by in a flash now like a proton beam!  We go in, they take him right back and before you know it, he is walking right back out.  We wanted to try this bakery so we stopped on the way back home to pick up some goodies to share with our Homewood […]

Time is Flying By! 5/14/2013

It is Tuesday and that means early appointments over at the big hospital before heading over to the Proton Center.  So, Lynne, Travis and Grandma were out the door by 6am so that they can be there by 7am.  You have to plan on a little extra time since the shuttle bus is not always […]

Houston Dutch Lions Link! 5/14/2013

To follow up on our Dutch Lions update from Saturday, 5/11, we spoke with the Houston Dutch Lions today to thank them again for taking such good care of us.  They let us know they put a little update on their website about Travis meeting the team.  Check out the boys! http://www.houstondutchlionsfc.com/houston-dutch-lions-fc-meet-a-new-fan.aspx Thanks, Tony Hello […]

First Day of Boost Treatment! 5/13/2013

Today was our first day of boost treatment where they focus only on the tumor bed area.  Our appointment was less than 30 minutes and Travis was able to walk right in and get up on the table.  For the past four weeks, he has had to go in and change out of his street […]

Happy Mother’s Day! 5/12/2013

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers! About a month ago when we were staying up in Lake Conroe (about 1 hour north of Houston), we were told about this great BBQ place and had a chance to eat there before we moved down to Houston to start Travis’ treatment.  It is a really small […]

Go Houston Dutch Lions! 5/11/2013

Today, we were invited to go out and watch the Houston Dutch Lions (USL-PDL) professional soccer team in their season opener.  They asked us to come for a meet and greet at the team’s pre-game meeting and dinner at the Fox and Hound.  We went in to meet the players where they presented Travis and […]