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Week 3 is Almost Done! 5/2/2013

Our treatment went well again today.  Travis is an old pro now.  He gets himself changed, climbs up on the table, lines himself up and all the technicians say that he makes their job much easier.  After our treatment, we went over to the main hospital again.  No, not for another appointment!  This time it was to tour the new Pediatric Oncology floor that was just remodeled.  They have been working to consolidate a lot of the related functions onto the same floor.  They had a grand opening which included festivities and a tour.  It is really well done and set up to be kid and family friendly!


Our Faith & Works group had our monthly works activity down at Father Joe’s Villages St. Vincent de Paul this evening.  Tony, Tyler and grandma were able to go down and help our group serve dinner for those in need.  It is amazing how far a simple smile, look in the eye, “hi” or “how are you doing today” can go and lets people know you care about them.  Our group consists of 5 families who have become an extended part of our family and big part of our lives.  Even though Travis and Lynne couldn’t be there in person, they were there in everyone’s hearts.  We can’t wait until we are all at home for our next meeting in June.  They are planning a special works project in July where we will be participating in a 24 hour Hope Relay for Life in Carlsbad for the American Cancer Society in honor of Travis (more details to come).  Wow…we are choked up just talking about this!



Lynne and Tony


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