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Wednesday Came and Went! 5/8/2013

We had Proton at 11:00 am and ate lunch at Subway after our treatment.  Travis has been wanting to eat there for a while.  Some more of what he calls “quality fast food.”  We went to the Health Museum after that.  Admission was free with our RH Fleet membership.  It was a small museum, but nice to walk around in.  At the gift shop, since Travis is our bug man, he bought cheddar flavored mealworms to share with the technicians at the Proton Center.  He already ate a bag of them on his own.  One of his favorite technicians has been out on vacation, so we are waiting until Monday to see if they are all up for the challenge.  We have our guesses as to who will partake but this will be something for them to remember Travis.


When we got back home, there was a large box waiting for us.  It was from one of our Faith & Works families, Keith and Beth.  Among all the goodies, they also sent two containers of homemade chicken noodle soup.  Can you believe it?  They froze it, wrapped it in dry ice, and then sent it overnight through Federal Express.  The soup was still frozen when we received it.  Back in March, when Travis first came home from the hospital, they brought the soup over and Travis just loved it.  He said: “if they were selling it, I’d be buying it!”  Keith is a chef and a very good cook.  I just can’t believe they sent it all the way to Houston.   How nice of you to go through all that trouble.   Thanks you guys for bringing a smile to our faces and warmth to our bellies!


A great Dinner back in Carlsbad for Tony, Tyler and Grandma was provided by the Perryman family.  Thanks Erin for doing so much for us!  Tony had soccer practice tonight and a coaches meeting afterward.  At the Wave office, they had put together some Wave gear (backpack, hoodie, warm-up jacket and pants) for Travis with his name on it.  Travis just loves wearing his Wave wear and has been representing here in Houston.  He gets comments all the time about Carlsbad, Wave and soccer in general.  Soccer really is a major motivation in keeping him going and one of his biggest goals is to get back out on the field whenever he can.  Thanks Steve, Jodi and the rest of our Wave family for decking out our boy!


Finally, thanks to the family at Bethlehem Preschool who left the anonymous gift for Travis!  Every day, the support you all have provide to our family amazes us.  We are so blessed!



Lynne and Tony


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