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Free From Week 3! 5/3/2013

We are officially halfway done with 3 weeks down and 3 more weeks to go.  Yeah!  Also, in terms of our little milestones that we track, we now have 3/4 of the full cranial/spinal radiation done and only have 1 more week of this full radiation to go.  Then we move to finish the remaining 2 weeks with “boost” treatments where they only treat the tumor bed area and the appointments only take half the time (30 minutes instead of 1 hour).  But who’s counting, right?

We met with our doctor for our weekly appointment.  She said that everything is going well with the proton treatment and Travis is doing great despite his rough start.  We have started noticing Travis is losing some of his hair from the radiation treatment.  Since he had his hair cut short, it is not too noticeable yet but we can tell that it is thinning.  It is almost like he is shedding his winter coat (see, the way he is with Cisco, we always knew he has part dog in him).  He says that he doesn’t care and that if it falls out, it falls out.  Hair today, gone tomorrow (just like dad).  Such a positive attitude!

When we arrived back home at the hotel (our home away from home), we found a new “Warrior” jersey had been dropped off by our new friends Christyn and Mason.  Thanks so much you guys…Travis loves it!  There are so many other cards, letters and emails that Travis says to say Thank you to everyone.  He really appreciates everything and they all bring a smile to his face.

Tony arrived and we went straight from the airport so that Travis could treat him to a McFlurry.  He is such a giving little guy and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.

We are Free from Week 3!


Tony and Lynne


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