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Mid-Week, Another Day Checked Off! 5/1/2013

After our treatment today, Travis had another baseline appointment but this time it was with Endocrinology so they can keep an eye on any potential effects from the radiation treatment.  They talked mainly about potential issues with his Thyroid and possible slight growth impacts from treating the spine.  Afterwards, Travis wanted to stop by the cafeteria to experience the great food there again.  This time he settled on, you guessed it, Pizza!  He said that it is “quality pizza for a good price.”  He is becoming quite the foodie when he is feeling good!  He has been talking about all the food he wants to have when Tony arrives on Friday which is a good thing.


When we arrived back home there was a great package from the Santos family. Travis loved everything and it makes him feel so special that people would go to so much trouble for him.  He really does appreciate every little thing (texts, calls, emails, cards, notes, drawings, pictures, packages, thoughts, prayers, etc.) and so do we.  We are so blessed to have such great support from everyone!


Tony had soccer practice tonight and all the kids and parents were asking how Travis was doing.  They all send their thoughts and prayers to Travis.  Juli had a Canteen from the Marines on Camp Pendleton for our little Warrior.  He loves it!  Travis really misses his team and playing soccer.  He can’t wait to be able get back out on the field and that is a very motivating goal for him.  Thanks you guys and Go Wave!


A great dinner was provided by the Lambert family for Tony, Tyler and grandma.  Thanks Therese!  It is such a relief to know so many people are helping us.  Again, we so are blessed!  Tony reminded me of the first time we were going to be apart after we were married.  I was going to take the train up to see my grandmother for the weekend.  He was in college and had a big project due so he couldn’t go with me.  His first reaction was “what am I going to eat while you are gone.”  Even though he has come a long way in the almost 24 years we have been married and I know he wouldn’t starve, it is nice to know we have friends looking out for us!



Lynne and Tony


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