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Week 4 is Out the Door! 5/10/2013

At the end of Week 4, we have now finished our full cranial/spinal treatment and will be moving on to “boost” treatments over the next 2 weeks.  Major milestone!  Our radiation treatment appointments will go from 1 hour down to 30 minutes and will be scheduled mostly in the early morning which will free up the rest of the day which will be nice.  Maybe we will be able to do some more things around Houston provided Travis is up for it.  The doctor says that there may be some slight side effects like tenderness in the area they will be treating (tumor bed) but we will take things as they come.

Despite last night being “Stadium Night” theme for dinner at the hotel with all the favorite stadium food like hotdogs, Travis wanted a Sonic chili-cheese dog for lunch but we ended up going for pizza with some of our new friends.  There was a huge storm that blew through this morning and created flooding everywhere we drove.  The roads and traffic were so bad, it took us an hour and a half to get to the proton center which made us 30 minutes late for our appointment.  They ended up working us in but we were starving for lunch by time the appointment was done.  So, pizza it was.

When we got back home, we had a bag delivered by Nancy (friend of Christyn) that had 2 Prayer Shawls inside handmade by members of the Holy Spirit Episcopal Church.  Thanks so much Nancy and everyone who had a loving hand in making these beautiful shawls.  They definitely bring us comfort and we are grateful for your prayers!

Tony and Tyler arrived today so we will all be together for Mother’s Day.  It is the first time we have ALL been together since April 14th.  We came back home so that Tyler and Travis could catch up on everything over some ice cream.  They really missed each other and couldn’t stop sharing stories!  Travis can’t wait to introduce Tyler to the Sonic chili-cheese dog. ;o)

Week 4 is out the door!


Lynne and Tony


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