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Carlsbad, the Eagle has Landed! 5/25/2013

Travis and Lynne are Home!!!  No matter what Mother Nature threw at us, whether it was the torrential rain storm we passed through in Texas, or the triple digit heat of the deserts or the high winds in the California desert/mountains, there was nothing that would keep us from getting home.  We were on a mission!

On Friday night, Travis actually wanted to keep driving past El Paso so that we could get home sooner but mommy and daddy needed a break since we had been up before 5am that morning.  It was a good thing we did and we were able rest up for day 2 of driving. We spent another 10 hours driving from El Paso, TX to Carlsbad and we were able to program the GPS by saying “Go Home.”  It was all worth it when we pulled into our driveway to a warm welcome by Tyler, Grandma, Lorrie and Colton.  Tyler had done a good job of decorating with some banners, posters, balloons, and he even created a welcome home message playing on the TVs.  Bessie, Scott and Zachary created a poster and hung it on our house along with some balloons.  Lorrie had the neighborhood sign a card and greeted us as we pulled in.  Travis also had cards and gifts from Ralph & Ann and Uncle Steve & Aunt Terri waiting for him.  Wow…thanks so much everyone!  We videotaped Cisco seeing Travis for the first time in 7 weeks and Lynne for the first time in 4 weeks.  He was so excited he didn’t know what to do with himself.  What a great homecoming!

Then to top it off, our dinner was provided by the Hussey family.  Thanks so much Martine, Tiernan and Olivia!  Everything was delicious.  Tyler received some nice cards/gifts from Aunt Betty and his friend, Zach, from school.  Thank you very much for thinking of Tyler. We really appreciate your words of encouragement!

It was a Super Saturday and we are very glad to be home with everyone sleeping in their own bed, in our own house for the first time in 7 weeks.  We have learned that home is really just where you are and that you can make the best of any situation.  It is good to be home!

Carlsbad, the Eagle has landed!


Tony and Lynne


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