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Teacher Appreciation Day at El Camino Creek! 5/22/2013

Dear Mrs. Roberts,


This has been a year that is beyond belief.  From the beginning of the school year, we felt so lucky to have Travis in your class.  You have a wonderful way of teaching the kids while they also have fun.  The element of challenge was always in the air.


The real challenge came when Travis started getting sick.  Thank you for helping him during the difficult time while we figured out what was going on.  Once he had his surgery and was on the mends, you were always flexible with what he could handle at the time.  Whether he was in the hospital or at home, he would always want to do his school work.  Even the hospital staff was surprised to see him working so diligently.  Now that we have been in Houston for six weeks, the challenge has been keeping Travis on track with the class.  We know the extra emails, copies, pictures, etc. that you have had to do were not a part of the 4th grade curriculum, but we really appreciate all the extra things you did for him.  We have to be honest with you, it’s not easy keeping up with your pace in the class but we enjoy the challenge.  It has really been one of the things to keep us going.  Travis looks forward to returning to school and being with his class.  He misses everyone and just wants things to be normal again.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you did for Travis (and us).  We truly appreciate it!



Lynne and Tony


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