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Terrific Tuesday! 5/21/2013

Today was our early morning appointments and we left the hotel at 6am but it was all worth it since it was our last Vincristine appointment, last lab work and last port access here in Houston.  Yeah!  As a small celebration, Travis wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory and order (you guessed it) sliders while I had an Asian wrap.  We capped it off with a delicious piece of cheesecake.  It has been more than 6 months since we have eaten there and we had forgotten how good the food is.  We made it home to find a heavy care package box full of all kinds of goodies from the Yousko family.  Wow, you all are amazing, so thoughtful and you know how to brighten our day!  Thanks so much from Team Selinka…we can’t wait to be home and see you guys.


We went over to Christyn’s house this afternoon so that Travis could hang out with Mason, Jackson and Madison.  He seems so grown up when he is going through all of his treatments and appointments so it is great to see him be able to be a kid and play with his friends.  We also wanted to thank them again for everything they have done for us.  Christyn and the entire Whitney family has been a huge support for us!  Whether it was offering to help in any way she could to inviting us into their beautiful home to sending little notes, emails, flowers and other goodies to sharing our story with her group of close friends (Nancy, Karen, Shelley) and having them supporting and praying for us too.  Wow!  We couldn’t have dreamed of better friends and we are amazed at the lengths people will go to for those in need.  We have been very blessed in so many ways!



Lynne and Tony


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