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Happy Anniversary Babe! 5/21/2013

As we celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary this week, there is nothing more we would rather be doing then driving across the deserts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California together on our way home.  We have booked a 2 day trip that includes about 20 hours of driving and a 1 night, all inclusive stay in exotic El Paso, TX.  We have an entertainment package that includes Movies, Music, Adventures in Odyssey, a Kindle Fire HD, Games from the GooglePlay Store, engaging Conversation, Books, Magazines, and various other reading materials.  We are going to be treated to so many sites along the way it is impossible to mention them all here.  The weather is supposed to be perfect and balmy, so let’s make sure we dress for comfort.  We may even want to run the A/C from time to time.  Since we will have to stop about every 400 miles for gas, those will be the perfect photo opportunities along with taking a potty break and grabbing any food we may want.  Remember we will have a full 10 minutes or less to pack it all in!  ;o)

Happy Anniversary Babe!

Love ya!

Tony (aka your tour guide and partner for life)


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