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Thank You Homewood Suites! 5/23/2013

Dear Homewood Suites Family,                                                                                 May 23, 2013


From the very first day we arrived, we were always greeted with a “Hi.  How you doing?  How’s your day? How are you feeling today Travis? Welcome back.  Nice to see you.”  And that has continued to this day.  From this, grew a friendship that I hold dear to my heart.  You took the time to make Travis and I (along with Tony, Tyler & Grandma) feel special and you went above and beyond in every way.


From the Housekeeping Team (Nancy, Shanique, Rosa, Fay, Elaine, Pauline, Rayquan, & Latoya-The Inspector) – You made our room look great every day.  Nancy always leaves us “Welcome Home” notes.


The Front Desk Ambassadors (Anuar, Brandon, Byron, Dream, Libby, Dwaine, Kenneth, Justina, Kelina) – You delivered endless packages and letters to our room.  Dream, who had to calm me down when I report a person in the hallway that looked suspicious.  It turned out to be the new maintenance man.  Brandon, who had to be on watch one evening when I had to go out and get Travis medicine.


The Chefs (Montinque, Beatriz, Angela, Sharon, Dana) – Who made Travis’ favorite French Toast for breakfast, even when it wasn’t on the menu.  We came home one day and they had delivered some to our room.  Sharon – One evening, we came down to eat a little later than usual.  She commented, “I was getting ready to bring a plate up to the room for you two”.  She also assisted in Travis’ school book report project.


The Maintenance Engineers (Jose, Homero, Jessie) – Who had to change the fan in the bathroom, along with the filters in the AC, to try and get rid of the smoke smell in our first room.  Homero figured out what was going on when we didn’t have any hot water.  Jessie replaced the beeping smoke alarm when the battery was dying.


Ricardo – Who always greets us when we come in or down for dinner.  He keeps a watchful eye over everything.  He also made a run in the rain to bring an umbrella to the car for me.  Thank you.


And last but not least, Tracy, who welcomed us from the very start and always says, “Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you”.  You can tell she means it.  We cannot thank you enough for the priceless smiles that you shared every day, the caring gestures, and your kind words.  You made Travis feel like a Rock Star.  If I didn’t mention your name, we appreciate you too.


As we head home, I am a little scared.  I just realized that I’m going to have to do everything that you have been doing for us.  How can I ever manage without you?  Trust me, you will be thought of every day.  Thank you again for taking the time to care.



Tony, Lynne, Travis & Tyler Selinka


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