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Go Houston Dutch Lions! 5/11/2013

Today, we were invited to go out and watch the Houston Dutch Lions (USL-PDL) professional soccer team in their season opener.  They asked us to come for a meet and greet at the team’s pre-game meeting and dinner at the Fox and Hound.  We went in to meet the players where they presented Travis and Tyler with Dutch Lion sack packs that had a jersey signed by all the players, scarf, water bottle and stickers.  Then we went outside to take a picture with the team.  All the players and coaches knew about Travis’ story and were so welcoming and encouraging to him giving him high fives or shaking his hand.  They were all really cool guys!


From there, we were treated to seats in the VIP section with the Club owners, executives and sponsors.  They had a big spread of food and drinks for everyone.  Both Travis and Tyler were asked to help do the player walk on at the beginning of the game during the pre-game introductions.  Travis led the way and escorted the Dutch Lions’ team captain and the rest of the team onto the field.  Tyler led the visiting team onto the field and escorted their team captain.  During the National Anthem, the singer who we met just before the game dedicated her song “to the Selinka family.”  Wow!


At halftime, we were invited down onto the field for a shootout with the Dutch Lions’ team mascot, Leo the Lion, playing goalkeeper.  Houston Dynamo (MLS) player, Boniek Garcia (#27), came and met with the kids and then took pictures and signed autographs before the second half started.  Again…Wow!


We watched some good soccer with the Dutch Lions scoring first before halftime.  The game went back and forth with a goal being scored with about a minute left in the game to tie things up 1-1.  Bummer! But, both teams played well with a lot of close shots/saves so the game could have gone either way.  What a special day and everyone really made Travis felt like a rock star (frankly we all felt like rock stars). Thanks so much Houston Dutch Lions for the first class treatment especially from Robbert, Dennis, Bryan, Asia, Martin, Coach Hans, Davy, all the players and everyone with the club.  We truly appreciate you making our family feel so special and putting a huge smile on Travis’ face.  Good luck this season!



Tony and Lynne


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