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“Flash” Wednesday! 5/15/2013

Travis’ treatments go by in a flash now like a proton beam!  We go in, they take him right back and before you know it, he is walking right back out.  We wanted to try this bakery so we stopped on the way back home to pick up some goodies to share with our Homewood Suites family.  When we walked in, we told the staff we needed to have a “meeting” and we sat down at the dining room tables.  They were asking what is wrong and what the meeting was all about so we told them we needed to discuss these “goodies.”  They all laughed and enjoyed a few minutes of break time.  The general manager, Tracey, stopped by and asked what was going on so we talked her into having one too.  She said that they all love having us here and we said that we loved being here too.


When we arrived back in our room, we had a care package from Martine, Olivia and Tiernan.  There was a very cool “Warrior” bracelet in there and beautiful card.  We love everything!  They also provided dinner for Tony, Tyler and Grandma back in Carlsbad which we heard was delicious, especially Olivia’s cookies.  Thanks you all for everything!  We also had a great card and gift from Violet and Shoshanna.  Thank you so much for thinking of us!


After all the fun opening everything, Travis wanted a bacon cheeseburger and McFlurry for lunch to pack on the calories.  Then we spent the afternoon working on school work.  Travis is doing a great job on his studies and loves the challenges of each packet Mrs. Roberts sends.


Tony had soccer practice tonight and they passed out the new practice uniforms.  We really wish we could have been there for that but we are looking forward to seeing the team in a couple of weeks.  Travis says the new Wave Blue practice jerseys are cool!  Thanks to the Hood family for all of your support and generous gift!  We really appreciate you keeping Travis (and us) in your thoughts and prayers.  It makes a huge difference!


We capped off the evening by watching Marvel’s “The Avengers.”  Travis loved it so thanks RedBox!


Where did the day go?



Lynne and Tony


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