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Time is Flying By! 5/14/2013

It is Tuesday and that means early appointments over at the big hospital before heading over to the Proton Center.  So, Lynne, Travis and Grandma were out the door by 6am so that they can be there by 7am.  You have to plan on a little extra time since the shuttle bus is not always as predictable as you would expect.  Travis’ lab work is where they would expect at this point in his treatment so we are happy about that.  This was his 5th round of chemo (Vincristine) and that means next Tuesday should be his last one.  Yeah!  We are sure Travis will not miss having his port accessed over the next month or so.  His proton treatments are now running between 20-30 minutes so there is barely enough time to sit down and he is coming right back out.  Travis wanted Subway and a McFlurry for lunch.  The sounds of his cravings are music to our ears!

Grandma made it back to Carlsbad in record time!  Compared to her 12 hour odyssey last week, this was a walk in the park.  It was great that she was able to be in Houston for Mother’s Day with all of us.  Lynne and Travis enjoyed having her there for the extra few days.

Thanks to the McDonnell family for a great dinner and for thinking of us especially during your house flooding challenges!  Also, thanks for the great goodies from the Fine family!


Tony and Lynne


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