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5 Weeks and a Smile on My Cheeks! 5/17/2013

We met with our Doctor today for our weekly appointment and we received the good news that she feels that we can do our last treatment session on Friday, 5/24.  Yeah!  That means that we will be able to drive home over Memorial Day weekend.


The Texas A&M Aggie football team helps the MD Anderson hospital do a Field Day for all the kids who are being treated there and can’t be at their own schools.  They have a big indoor area that they call “The Park” and that is where they have all the games and food set up.  Travis won a cake walk where the prize was some delicious cupcakes.  They gave away mini footballs that we had signed by some of the players.  Very cool!


When we returned home, we had a beautiful basket delivered by Karen, one of Christyn’s friends.  Everything was very well thought out and we love it all.  Thank you so much Karen for thinking of us and we wish all the best and you are in our prayers!


5 weeks and a smile on my cheeks!  With 5 weeks down, that means only 1 more to go!  We have been in this treatment mode for 6 weeks now (including the 1 week of appointments prior to starting) and it is hard to think about going home.  It almost seems like another world but we can’t wait to make the adjustment.


Tony arrived tonight!  Travis was craving Chili’s Sliders so we indulged and those things were good.



Lynne and Tony


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