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Congratulations to the First to Fight Softball Team! 10/30/2013

Congratulations to the First to Fight Softball Team, made up mainly of Marines and Sailors from San Diego, for winning the ASA Sin City Class “D” World Series Championship in Las Vegas!  One of the Marines on the team, Master Sergeant Kirk Hood, is the father of one of Travis’ friends (Christian) on his soccer […]

Travis the Warrior 5K Walk! 10/28/2013

We want to THANK our cousin, Jeannette, and the entire Wagner family (Bill, Sierra, Paige, and Ashley) for hosting their “Travis the Warrior 5K Walk” in Iowa this past Saturday morning!  It is incredible that everyone braved the brisk Iowa Fall morning to come out and support Travis.  Words just don’t seem to express what […]

It’s Been a Good Week! 10/25/2013

Travis’ school is on their two week Fall Break now and you would think that would mean some R &R (rest and relaxation), right?  Well, that is partly true!  We had his lab appointment on Monday and everything looked good so we are out of quarantine and ready to go.  Then on Tuesday, Travis slept […]

Good to Go! 10/21/2013

With Travis feeling pretty good this weekend, we were able to make it out to our soccer game on Saturday.  The boys lost a close one in the last few minutes 1-0 but it was great to have Travis out there.  Then on Sunday, we made it to church in the morning and had our […]

Amazing What a Little Blood Does for You! 10/18/2013

Now after 3 blood transfusions, we understand why Dracula is hooked on the red stuff.  OK, not really!  But we can see that a little bit of blood makes all the difference.  It is amazing how if you don’t have the proper level of red blood cells carrying oxygen through your body, you can feel […]

Counts are Down so Battle On! 10/14/2013

Let’s face it, there is nothing like a 9 hour day at the hospital to make you feel more like it’s good to be home.  After leaving the house around 7:30am for what was supposed to be routine lab work and not to return until after 6:00pm, you know you are on hospital time.  We […]

If Shoes Could Talk, the Stories They’d Tell! 10/11/2013

Some of you may be aware that Lynne has been working on a special project for Bethlehem Preschool over these last couple of months.  When we found out back in June that she would not be available to teach in the fall in order to take care of Travis during his chemo treatments, she discussed […]

Round 4 is Out the Door…Only 2 More! 10/8/2013

Travis came home last night and we all slept great in our own beds!  With Round 4 out the door and only 2 more, we are now officially 2/3 of the way done with chemo.  Yeah! As we mentioned, on Thursday evening, Travis went to soccer practice and stayed the whole time with the team.  […]

No Go for the Miramar Airshow! 10/3/2013

Well, the government shutdown has affected us here in San Diego too and the Miramar Airshow was cancelled including the pre-show that we were invited to see today.  What a bummer!  The funny thing is that despite the fact that the airshow actually makes millions of dollars for the military every year, it was decided […]

October and Counts Are Good! 10/2/2013

It’s October already…really?  Travis had his counts checked on Monday at 7:15am so that he could go to school this week and we are all good.  Yeah!  We are not sure why they dipped last Thursday but keep hearing that can happen with chemo.  We really wanted Travis to be able to spend this week […]