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Travis The Warrior Website is Online! 9/29/2013

Care Calendar has been a great resource for us both in terms of support with meals and also for posting our updates so people can follow our journey.  But, we have had the idea of setting up a website for many months so that the forum can be more customized and interactive.  Well, we finally […]


Together4Hope Walk! 9/27/2013

In honor of Travis, friends of ours are participating in the Together4Hope Walk which benefits City of Hope whose goal is to CURE CANCER.  Both Cheyanne and Kathy will be doing the 2 Day 40 mile walk while Shannon and her family (Jonathon, Spenser, Reed and Collyn) will be doing the 5K walk.  Tyler is going […]

Round 4 of Chemo is Delayed! 9/26/2013

We had a fun weekend of soccer and we were preparing this week to start Round 4 of chemo on Friday.  But, at the pre-check-in appointment, it turned out that Travis’ counts were too low to start chemo so we have to delay everything by a week.  It is kind of a bummer since once […]

Travis the Warrior 5K! 9/20/2013

Thanks to our cousin, Jeannette, and the rest of the Wagner family (Bill, Sierra, Paige, and Ashley), for your support of Travis and our family.  In addition to having a card writing campaign to Travis with a lot her close friends (Travis loves getting and reading all of the cards by the way), Jeannette and […]

Busy, Busy, Busy! 9/19/2013

It has been a couple of weeks since our last update but we have been trying to pack as much in as possible while Travis is feeling good (relatively speaking).  As we mentioned in the last update, Travis did so well through the last chemo round and we were able to go home early without […]

Happy Birthday Tyler! 9/18/2013

Happy Birthday Tyler!  You are a big help and we are very proud of you!  Keep up the great work and always reach for the stars. Love, Daddy, Mommy and Travis

Time to Flee After Round 3! 9/3/2013

Travis had a great second week of school and it is amazing to see him working so diligently on his school work so that he does not have to worry about falling behind while he is out.  Mrs. Mills is great about preparing weekly assignments for the kids so Travis knows what he has to […]