No Go for the Miramar Airshow! 10/3/2013

Well, the government shutdown has affected us here in San Diego too and the Miramar Airshow was cancelled including the pre-show that we were invited to see today.  What a bummer!  The funny thing is that despite the fact that the airshow actually makes millions of dollars for the military every year, it was decided by the Pentagon this morning that it should be cancelled anyway.  Sounds fishy but I guess they want us all to have to share in the shutdown pain.  It’s too bad since the Make-A-Wish Foundation had gone to so much trouble to invite the families and coordinate an up close and personal experience at the pre-show and had a great afternoon planned.  We were going to have a catered lunch and then watch the dress rehearsal practice flights.  They were even going to have one of the new F-35 fighter jets from Yuma, AZ, showing off all of its capabilities with vertical takeoff and landing and hovering.  We were going to be able to see all the military hardware without all the long lines that occur on the weekends.  Then to top it off, they had set up a meet and greet with the pilots.  There is always next year, right?

The good thing is that after Travis’ pre-check in appointment (counts are still good), he was able to go back to school for one last day with his friends.  He even made it out to soccer practice to spend some quality time with the team before being out of commission for a week or two.  The boys always like it when he is there and he seems to motivate them a little more.  Overall a good day!


Tony and Lynne


3 comments on “No Go for the Miramar Airshow! 10/3/2013

  1. It was great that he could spend some time with his soccer team! I am sure he helps motivate them:)

  2. Too bad about the air show. Know you all were looking forward to it. Glad Travis
    was able to spend some time with the soccer team. I sure he does motivate them. I
    can hear them saying “Come on guys, this one is for Travis”. Love you all, Mom

  3. That is a bummer. I know how excited you all were.

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