Amazing What a Little Blood Does for You! 10/18/2013

Now after 3 blood transfusions, we understand why Dracula is hooked on the red stuff.  OK, not really!  But we can see that a little bit of blood makes all the difference.  It is amazing how if you don’t have the proper level of red blood cells carrying oxygen through your body, you can feel so tired and lethargic, kind of like the early stages of altitude sickness.  After receiving his transfusion on Monday, Travis has been feeling good with lots of energy and pep in his step.  Kind of like Superman!  He has been working hard on his school work before fall break and doing arts & crafts for fun in between.

We had a joint appointment with his neuro-surgeon and neuro-oncologist on Wednesday down at the hospital.  It was sort of a routine check and both doctors said Travis is doing great.  In fact, the good news is that even though we need to continue to battle it out on the oncology side, we do not need to see the neuro-surgeon again for another year.  Yeah!

Lately, we have adjusted to letting Travis sleep until he is ready to get up since the rest is really needed when he is fighting through the chemo.  His wake up time has varied from before 7am to 9:30am just depending on how he is feeling that particular day.  Today, we had our 7:30am lab work appointment down at the hospital that meant getting on the road at 6:45am to be on time which turned out to be a bit of a challenge.  But, when all else fails, we send Cicso in and it is amazing what our “therapy” dog can accomplish.  We weren’t sure what to expect with the blood counts but Travis’ ANC went from 0 on Monday back up to 750 today.  His ANC is supposed to be above 1000 to have chemo and above 1500 to be in the normal range so we still need to be careful but he is on the upward trajectory.  Although his platelets dropped slightly from 54 to 50, it was not enough to do a platelet transfusion which is good if the body is able to handle things on its own.  His hemoglobin is fine after having the transfusion on Monday and went from 7.9 to 9.8.  So, we were able to get out of there without anything more than labs.  Yeah!  If you noticed, that was our 3rd time down at Rady’s this week, but who’s counting, right?

Thanks so much to the Hussey, Nielson and Lehrer families for your thoughtfulness!  Thanks to Mrs. Mills’ Class and your special prescription of “Laughter, Laughter and More Laughter” (aka the Joke Book) created by the kids!  Thanks to Shoshana, Ella and their Girl Scout Troop for all of your creative cards!  Also, thanks to all of the people from the Secret Angel Stitchers!  We love receiving your beautiful Angels and your prayers!

We really appreciate you all thinking of Travis and our family in such special ways!


Lynne and Tony


6 comments on “Amazing What a Little Blood Does for You! 10/18/2013

  1. We all miss Travis at school and look forward to seeing him when we return from the break.

  2. Now, I know what costume Travis has chosen for Halloween !….Dracula

  3. So happy to hear this good news about our boy Travis! And your “blog” is so well written, I enjoy reading it!

  4. So happy Travis is doing well. He is amazing:)

  5. So happy all is going good for Travis. He is on his way to being BIGGER, BETTER,
    STRONGER, FASTER. All of you have done a great job. Love You All, Mom/Grandma Pampaw

  6. What great news! Sending you a big hug !

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