Travis the Warrior 5K Walk! 10/28/2013

We want to THANK our cousin, Jeannette, and the entire Wagner family (Bill, Sierra, Paige, and Ashley) for hosting their “Travis the Warrior 5K Walk” in Iowa this past Saturday morning!  It is incredible that everyone braved the brisk Iowa Fall morning to come out and support Travis.  Words just don’t seem to express what having your support for our family means to us.  We can’t thank you and all of the Walkers enough!!!


Lynne, Tony, Tyler and Travis


6 comments on “Travis the Warrior 5K Walk! 10/28/2013

  1. What an incredible group of supporters!

  2. OMG Jeannette!!!! I have tears in my eyes and I can’t believe you did this for Travis! You are amazing! Please tell the family and everyone that helped that we truly appreciate everything that you did for Travis. As we were watching the video, we loved seeing all of the inspirational messages. The people that took their time to walk for him, well, we just want to hug all of them. We felt like we were there with you. We even got goose bumps when we heard the wind blowing. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. What an amazing group of people and some of them we get to call family. We love you guys and thank you so very much. Also to Brooklyn Reid for the video, “Job Well Done”. I didn’t realize that Betty, Amanda and Jacob were going to be there too. We really wish we could have been there. Hopefully, some day soon.

    Love Ya,

    Lynne, Tony, Tyler & Travis

  3. The following is from Travis that Jeannette read on Saturday morning at the event:.

    Good Morning 5K Walkers,

    I’m Travis the Warrior and I can’t believe all of you are here for me. I wish I could be there with you guys, but I have two more rounds of chemo to finish. That is definitely the Silver Lining! Things are going well but I miss being at school. Thank you so much for walking in support of me. One day, I hope to come to Iowa and meet you all. I would like to thank the Wagner Family for organizing this event. I love you guys!

    God Bless You!

    Travis the Warrior

  4. Love the picture of Travis, the beautiful view of the sunrise, family and friends and Travis the warrior shirt. So cute even the dog participated. Beautiful dog. You are truly blessed. Love Mom/Grandmaw Pampaw

  5. Truly an amazing family… Travis is very much loved!

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