October and Counts Are Good! 10/2/2013

It’s October already…really?  Travis had his counts checked on Monday at 7:15am so that he could go to school this week and we are all good.  Yeah!  We are not sure why they dipped last Thursday but keep hearing that can happen with chemo.  We really wanted Travis to be able to spend this week with his friends in school since he will be out for the next two weeks in post chemo “quarantine.”

By time we are out of the chemo “quarantine,” the ECC two week Fall Break starts which means that today is Travis’ last day of school for the month of October.  Mrs. Mills will keep us in the loop and she will have plenty of work for Travis to stay busy but she doesn’t want him to be stressed.  It is like he has a second mother watching over him at school.  She is so good!

Tomorrow will be like déjà vu with our Round 4 pre-check in appointment again in the morning.  It was nice to have the extra week for Travis to get a little stronger and we were trying to fatten him up some.  Doughnuts, cookies, chips, whatever he wanted!  We are hoping that his counts stay stable so we can get things going this weekend.  In the afternoon, we have been invited to come down and do an advanced viewing of the Miramar Airshow.  We try to go to the show whenever we can but we have missed the past couple of years.  So the boys are really looking forward to seeing all of the aircraft and military hardware on display up close and personal.  It always brings back fun memories of our days when Tony was in the Army.  We will do an update after the show and let you know how that goes.

Thanks to every one of you who are following us on the new Travis the Warrior site!  We have been talking about it for a long time and we still have a lot to do but it has been a good to get it up and going.  Travis loves reading all of the messages from everyone and we really appreciate your words of encouragement!


Lynne and Tony


6 comments on “October and Counts Are Good! 10/2/2013

  1. Hi Travis,

    Not only are you a warrior but you’re a superstar!! Seeing you diligently doing your homework and striving to be the best you can be…now that’s impressive!!! We’re so proud of you!!

  2. Keep looking ahead and keep up the good work! Love you all… Aunt Susan, David and Scott Dillon

  3. Thanks for the update; I check it even before I look at my e-mail. What’s that tell you.
    Don’t forget to take pictures of the airshow. Glad Travis is doing so well. Love to all 4 of you warriors. Mom xoxoxoxoxoxox<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  4. Have fun at the Air Show Travis! We are always thinking about you and keep you in our prayers!

  5. I’m so grateful that I was able to see the entire family during Travis’ “vacation” from chemo. The Selinka Warrior Family is always in my heart!

  6. Thanks for the update! We like the new website so we know how things are going. You guys are always on our minds ♥

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