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Daily Grind 4/18/2013

We had our therapy this morning Travis was a little reluctant to go.  His stomach is still hurting a little bit. During the treatment, he smells Clorox and sees flashing lights, which is the brain playing tricks on him.  From what we are told, this is normal. I try to keep things positive saying that every day we get closer to the end of treatment.  The technician reminded him of how great he is doing, since most kids need sedation.  They joke around with him and play rock music, but it is what it is, a grind. They are so nice here, but it’s just a cruddy thing to have to go through.  We were going to visit the school at MD Anderson (big hospital) today after therapy, but he was just too tired and his jaw is starting to hurt.  We came home and he took a 2 hour nap. My little guy is such a warrior! The technician told me that he is one of the nicest kids. Hopefully this weekend, we can do something fun when Tony gets here to take his mind off of things.  Almost done with Week 1!





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