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“Travis the Warrior” Day at Clarkesville Academy 4/18/2013

"W" for Warrior!

“W” for Warrior!

Travis’s 16 year old cousin, Bryan, attends Clarkesville Academy in Clarkesville, TN, just outside Fort Campbell.  Aunt Karen is the Food Service Manager and Uncle Clint works there as well after retiring from the military. So CA has become a big part of their family over these past years.  As soon as people at the school heard about Travis, they have been extremely supportive of us.  We received an official proclamation from the Cougar Café team at Clarkesville Academy:

On this day, April 18th, 2013, I hereby make every Thursday until school is out, “Travis the Warrior” day.   We will wear green shirts to work at the Cougar Café.  Also, Travis will receive the Cougar Café spatula.  You are truly what we call in the cooking world, one tough cookie.  We love you baby!

Thanks so much to Coach (aka the Barber), Tammi, Stan, Aunt Karen, Uncle Clint, and Jeff.  You all look great in green (Travis’ favorite color) and thanks for flashing the “W” (for Warrior) sign for Travis!  Go Cougars!


Tony, Lynne, Tyler and Travis


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