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Appointments, Appointments, Appointments! 4/10/2013

We have come to the conclusion that Houston is a very windy place!  It is windy in the morning, windy all day and windy at night.  We thought maybe the wind came from the Gulf but it seems that it always comes out of the southwest.  We were told that this is an unusual year and that the winds are not usually like this after March.  It must be the Travis effect coming in like a warrior!  We did have a cold front come through today and the temperature dropped from the mid-70s down into the mid-50s.  It caught us by surprise on our way back to the van.


We had an appointment at the Infusion Therapy center for Travis to have his port accessed for the first time.  The area on his chest where he had the port installed a few weeks ago is still kind of sore so it did not feel so good.  Then we had an MRI of his head done.  It took a little longer since they wanted to do a finer resolution in preparation of the radiation treatment.  After the MRI, we had to have the access to the port removed which hurt some probably more so due to the tape removal than the access.  It had Travis thinking he wanted to stick with IVs instead of the port but we keep trying to reassure him that it gets better.


We got back to the condo around 7:30pm.  Where did the day go?


Luckily we have not been scheduled for any appointments on Thursday so we are planning to sleep in a little and then we will be off to the Johnson Space Center.  Houston, we have no appointments!



Tony and Lynne


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