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Houston, the Eagle has Landed! 4/11/2013

Did we mention we had NO appointments today!  That meant we were able to sleep in a little and hang out by the lake for a while before getting started on our day.

Houston, the Eagle has landed, or at least the ducks, pelicans and snowy egrets.  We fed the ducks and there were some big catfish that came up.  Travis really wants to go fishing so we will have to make that happen before we leave the lake and move to the Homewood Suites down in Houston.

Then we went to the Johnson Space Center.  Since we are planning to be going back multiple times (just can’t get enough of the space stuff), we ended up getting the annual family membership which was not that much more than the single entry tickets.  If you did not know, the Johnson Space Center is the mission control center for all NASA space missions from shortly after they are launched into space through when they touch down.  It is also the main astronaut training center and the main engineering/training center for the US portion of the International Space Station (ISS).  The center was named after then Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson who was a driving force in making then President John F. Kennedy’s vision for going to the moon a reality.  It is a very cool place with so much history from the Gemini, Apollo, Shuttle and ISS missions.  We will definitely be spending more time there during our stay.



After we closed down the place, we went back to the Kemah Boardwalk area near Clear Lake for some seafood.  The boardwalk is right on the Galveston Bay which leads out to the Gulf of Mexico.  After the cold front came through on Wednesday night, the weather has warmed up again and the winds are gone so we were able to eat dinner outside right on the water.  It was fun to watch all the boats going by.




On Friday, we will be back at MD Anderson in the afternoon to have Travis’ port accessed and then an MRI of his Spine.

Thanks for all of your continued emails, texts, phone calls, thoughts and prayers.  They all really do help to keep us strong and our spirits up!


Tony, Lynne, Tyler and Travis


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