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Counts are Good! 8/20/2013

With Travis’ counts still low as of last Thursday, he was pretty disappointed that he was not be able to go to our soccer team’s beach get-together on Friday evening nor was he able to go to the games of our tournament over the weekend.  The boys missed having him there too and Christian’s mom, Juli, arranged for all of the boys to wear grey wrist bands to show their support for Travis’ battle with brain cancer.  By the way, grey is the color for brain cancer since it represents the grey matter.  Get it?  It was totally awesome and Travis wore his the whole weekend!  Tyler even shot video of the games for Travis to see.

This was also the weekend where Tony’s company does their family picnic each year.  For the second year in a row, they were holding the picnic at Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, and reserved the top of the Western Metal Supply Building which overlooks the third base line from up high.  They serve hamburgers, hotdogs, nachos, peanuts and all kinds of food and drinks.  We had a blast last year and we are really sorry we had to miss such a fun event and exciting game against the Mets (Go Padres!).  But we just didn’t want to take the risk with Travis not feeling the best this past week.  They even had a message play on the giant scoreboard in support of Travis.  Wow!  The person who organizes the event each year, Trish, told the Padres about Travis and they invited us to come to a game when Travis is feeling up to it.  That is so generous to offer our family a chance to go to a game!  We are very excited to try and go on Saturday before the third round of chemo starts to see the Padres play the Cubs.  Thanks so much Trish for your support and thinking of Travis!  Go Padres!

The major goal over the weekend was to have Travis ready to start school on Monday with all of the kids.  So, Travis and Lynne went down to Rady’s at 7am Monday morning to get the blood work done and the good news is that the counts are back up so he is out of “quarantine.”  But, as luck would have it, Travis was not up to spending the day at school since he has been feeling pretty weak over this last weekend.  So, they ended up going over to school at the end of the day so that Travis could say hi to his friends and teacher which was a big first step. Mrs. Mills is such a great teacher, as we know from when Tyler had her 3 years ago, and she had a packet for Travis to start working on.  No slack!

Travis was feeling pretty good off and on throughout the afternoon and evening on Monday so we are planning for him to go to school on Tuesday.  Lynne dropped Travis off and got him set up in the classroom so we are proud of him powering through to begin his new year as a big 5th grader.  Lynne will stop by to have lunch with Travis and see how he is doing.  We are keeping our fingers crossed!

Thanks so much to the Sando family for the great Movie and Ice Cream care package!  We know everything will get put to good use.

Thanks to everyone for all of your continued prayers and words of encouragement!  Round two is through.

Tony and Lynne


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