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First Week of School in the Books! 8/26/2013

First Week of School in the Books…Travis finished the first week of school with his friends and teacher, Mrs. Mills, as a big 5th Grader.  Even though he had to miss the first day of school, he jumped right in there and got to work on Monday night.  Mrs. Mills is so great and Travis knows if he needs anything, all he has to do is ask her.  It is a big relief for us knowing that she and the school are willing to work with us no matter how Travis is feeling.  Whether he is in class or has to work from home or the hospital, we will make things work!

And They’re Off…Each year during the horse racing season in August and September at the Del Mar Racetrack, we try to go down to Daybreak at Del Mar at least once or twice.  But, with the chemo schedule, we had not been able to go yet this year until Saturday morning.  Daybreak at Del Mar is where they serve breakfast in the grand stands right at the finish line of the track while the jockeys and trainers are warming up the horses in the morning prior to the afternoon races.  It is a great way to get up close and personal with the horses and they even have a former jockey doing a commentary about the horses, jockeys, trainers, owners and the history of the track.  It is amazing to see all the different horses and how effortlessly they gallop around the track.  They are so powerful yet graceful and majestic and it is one of those really cool things to do in San Diego!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game…Since we were not able to go to the company picnic last weekend down at Petco Park, Tony’s work and the Padres arranged for us to go to the game on Saturday night against the Cubs.  That was very generous of them to think of us and we had a blast.  Even though the Padres came up short, 3-2, it was a very close game that came down to the final out.  We were sure another run or two was coming at any time especially during the 7th inning where the Padres left the bases loaded.  Oh well, that is baseball.  The best part was Travis having so much fun that he insisted that we stay until the very end.  It must have been the stadium food combined with the marinol but Travis was an eating machine.  He had half a stadium hotdog, popcorn and snacks and was then asking for cracker jacks before we left.  Thanks Trish and John (Padres) for great seats and a great family evening!

It’s a Fiesta…We finished off the weekend with a little “Fiesta” on Sunday evening with our friends: the Garmans (Shannon, Jonathon, Spenser, Reed and Collyn) and the Blackburns (Cheyanne, Jake and Quinn).  It was really fun to have a little themed get-together while Travis was feeling good.  The Mexican food and company were great!

We are preparing for Round 3 at the end of the week.


Tony and Lynne


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