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Why Do We Walk? 7/29/2013

Wow!!! It is impossible to know how or where to begin to describe what just happened this weekend.  Our thoughts and emotions are all over the place which makes it hard to put our experience into words, not to mention the tears in our eyes make it hard to see the keyboard and screen.  But, […]


American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life”! 7/21/2013

As we mentioned back in early May, our Faith and Works group has arranged for all of us to participate in the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life” in Carlsbad.  The idea is that we will participate in a 24 hour relay where our team will have someone, or multiple people, walking on the track […]

Counts are Good! 7/20/2013

Travis had his blood work done yesterday and they confirmed that his counts are good.  So, after two weeks of “quarantine” and laying low, he can go out again.  Yeah!  Although it has taken almost two weeks and he still has some stomach discomfort, we have a couple more weeks before we start round 2.  […]

Travis is Home! 7/9/201

We brought Travis home last night and Cisco was happy to see him!  He had a bit of a rough afternoon at the hospital with the nausea and a sore jaw.  We are doing the best we can to keep the nausea under control as the chemo flushes out of his system.  The sore jaw […]

First Round of Chemotherapy! 7/8/2013

Sorry our updates are coming more slowly now!  Life can get so busy even when things are almost normal.  It is hard to believe that 6 weeks have passed since we completed Travis’ Proton Radiation Treatment and he was able to just be a kid again without focusing on his cancer treatment (other than weekly […]