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Counts Still Low! 8/15/2013

We had Travis’ blood work checked today and his ANC (white blood cells) and Platelets (blood clotting) were still low which means another weekend in quarantine.  He was pretty bummed since he wanted to go to soccer practice to see the boys and was really looking forward to going to our soccer tournament this weekend.  The other bad part is that he is supposed to start school on Monday and it does not look like he will be able to.  We are going to have his blood work done again on Monday morning at 7:30am so if all looks like it is improving, he could go in a little late.  Otherwise, we will go when we can.  With his white blood cells (infection fighters) down, we do not want to put him at risk of getting sick.  The good news was that the blood transfusion last weekend helped and his Hemoglobin is back up.

Lynne has a meeting with his teacher on Friday so that we can go over our current situation.  She is very excited to have Travis in her class and is very willing to work with us when he can’t be in the classroom.

Last week, we forgot to thank Violet, Shoshanna and Elliott for taking Tyler to Boomers and dinner.  He had such a great time and we really appreciate you thinking of him!


Tony and Lynne


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