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First Week of School in the Books! 8/26/2013

First Week of School in the Books…Travis finished the first week of school with his friends and teacher, Mrs. Mills, as a big 5th Grader.  Even though he had to miss the first day of school, he jumped right in there and got to work on Monday night.  Mrs. Mills is so great and Travis […]

Counts are Good! 8/20/2013

With Travis’ counts still low as of last Thursday, he was pretty disappointed that he was not be able to go to our soccer team’s beach get-together on Friday evening nor was he able to go to the games of our tournament over the weekend.  The boys missed having him there too and Christian’s mom, […]

Counts Still Low! 8/15/2013

We had Travis’ blood work checked today and his ANC (white blood cells) and Platelets (blood clotting) were still low which means another weekend in quarantine.  He was pretty bummed since he wanted to go to soccer practice to see the boys and was really looking forward to going to our soccer tournament this weekend.  […]

Getting Through Round 2! 8/12/2013

Sorry!  It has been an interesting and educational couple of weeks since our last update and we are just getting around to catching up.  We started Round 2 of chemotherapy on Friday, 8/2, and went straight to our room since all of the paperwork and labs had been completed on Thursday.  Travis was feeling pretty […]