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Week 1 is Done! 4/19/2013

We met with the doctor today for our weekly scheduled appointment to check on Travis’ progress and we discussed the various side effects of the radiation treatment.  She said that what we are experiencing is normal and most people are pretty run down by the end of the week.  She said that his jaw is hurting due to the radiation affecting his salivary gland and recommended some sour treats to keep exercising things.  She said that he should recharge over the weekend and bounce back by Monday to start Week 2.

After having a little lunch and a big cup of pudding, we went to the school at MD Anderson today after therapy.  Travis was a little tired and his jaw was hurting but he powered through and worked on his school work there.  It is good to have distractions for him after the treatment to keep him from focusing on the pot holes in his road to recovery.  We received a nice card from Clarkesville Academy in the mail today when we got back home.  Thank you!

Tony’s flight was delayed but he made it!  Thanks Saul for a ride to the airport!  Tyler, Grandma and Cisco are holding down the home front for several days and have some plans for the weekend.  Thanks to the Nielson family for a wonderful dinner.  Tyler sent us a picture of the dinner table.  Wow!  We really don’t have any plans in Houston right now other than Travis wants to sleep in on Saturday so we will do that and then see what the weekend brings.

Week 1 is Done!


Lynne and Tony


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