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Getting Into the Swing of Things! 4/17/2013

We are getting into the swing of things.  Travis had a good day and only said that his stomach was a little off but he was still eating.  He is talking about all the things he wants to do and food he wants to eat when Tony gets here on Friday.  That is a good sign!  Even though we talk all the time, we had a Skype video call with Tony, Tyler, Grandma and Cisco.  There is something about that face to face, you know?  Where would we be without our communication and information today?


Tony had soccer practice and everyone was asking how we are doing.  It is nice to have the support from everyone and Travis can’t wait until he can get back to play soccer with the boys.  One of the hotel staff has connections to both the Houston Hurricanes (semi-pro soccer team) and Houston Dynamos (MLS team) and said that he will check into tickets for one of the upcoming games.  That will be cool!


Travis built one of his Lego sets and he calls it physical therapy.  He may be working the system a little but we are glad that he is keeping occupied.  He also worked on his homework this afternoon.  Mrs. Roberts has been so good about keeping us included and providing work for him to do.  Travis’ table group received extra table points (reward system) since Travis wore his 4th grade t-shirt and we emailed a picture of him in it.  We plan to do this every week so that we are still connected.  We are going to try and stop by the school classroom over on the MD Anderson campus tomorrow after our treatment.  Last week, we met the Education Director and Teacher and they are so nice.  They are willing to help Travis in any way (questions, work, tutoring, etc.) and they are very flexible in their schedule.


One of the little girls here “Banged the Gong” today which signals the end of their treatment.  Can’t wait for that day but we will take things one step at a time.


Thanks to everyone for all of your positive thoughts, prayers, texts, emails, calls and words of encouragement.  You really help keep us going!  Also, thanks to the Williams family for a delicious meal!


May God bless Aunt Mary Anne and her family and hopefully her surgery went well today!



Lynne and Tony


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