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Second Day of Treatment and First Day of Chemo 4/16/2013

We started out the day the same as yesterday after the treatment (not feeling well with the same side effects). We made it to our 7:00 am appointment at MD Anderson. When they were taking vitals and accessing his port, I informed them of the problems Travis had right after the therapy yesterday. They passed it along to the nurse practitioner and doctor so that when we met with them, they already knew the situation. I told them that I have to have the meds that I need for side effects before I leave the hospital so that I don’t have to go out during the side effects. They said no problem. I also wanted him to get Zofran (for nausea) through his port, before we left. If they gave him the dissolving pill, he would have thrown it up within an hour and we would not be making any progress. They agreed.


So, today was a lot better. By the time we were back at the Proton Center for our 10:30 am therapy, Travis was already feeling a little better. The therapy lasted for 40 minutes and he was feeling even better after that. No headache. His stomach did hurt a little, but not like yesterday. We came home and took a two hour nap. He ate some pretzels and felt like having a little mashed potatoes for dinner. Yea! So we are doing Zofran three times a day, the steroid three times a day and Pepcid AC twice a day. They are starting him on an antibiotic, taken Saturdays and Sundays only. They also said that I could give him Benedril alternating with Zofran if the nausea won’t stop. So at least I feel better about being able to take care of what might come our way. I almost forgot, he had the chemo (vincristine) today and had no problems with that. The only side effect is constipation but we know how to deal with that.  Travis is watching TV now and talking about what he wants to eat when he feels 100%.  I can’t wait. It’s music to my ears!


We had a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered thanks to our new friend in Houston, Christyn (Cara’s sister) and her family!  We also had a great care package from Clint’s cousins, Stacy, Brian, Evan, Alec and their wonderful friend Jack (from the “Little Hands Make a Big Difference” foundation).  Travis had a big Texas smile on his face.  ;o)  Thanks everyone so much for your support!





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