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Tony and Tyler Head Back to Carlsbad 4/14/2013

After getting settled, we had a good night’s sleep in our new Home away from Home.  We woke up and had breakfast which is provided by the hotel every day.  We decided to go to mass at the church across the street before heading to the airport.  The church turns out to be quite diverse and each mass has a different theme.  The 9AM mass is described as: “Contemporary worship music is provided by the St. Cyril Singers, a large adult folk choir.  Music is accompanied by piano and guitar.  Ambiance is uplifting and folksy.”  Father Mario is a good speaker and mixes in some humor along the way.  Next weekend, we will have to try the 5PM mass since it is described as: “Intense contemporary praise and worship music.  Very lively, focused mainly on the young and young at heart (Definitely not for the traditionalist or ‘faint of heart’). Ambiance is loud and electric!”  We have to see what that is all about!

After church, we had a little time to hang out and then drove out to the airport so Tony and Tyler could head home to Carlsbad.  It is hard to believe 10 days have gone by so fast and hopefully the next few weeks will too.

Upgraded to First Class!

Upgraded to First Class!

It wasn’t easy to part ways but Tony will be back on Friday.

We left the airport and drove to Trader Joe’s.  Yes, we found Trader Joe’s and stocked up which makes us feel even more at home.  Back at the hotel, Travis played basketball, kicked the soccer ball around and tried out the treadmill in the gym.  Tony and Tyler made it home.  Thanks to the entire Garman family for picking up the boys from the airport.  What a great welcome home!


Thank goodness for Trader Joes!

Thank goodness for Trader Joes!


The Cutest Girls!

The Cutest Girls!

Cisco was glad to see Tony and Tyler and followed them around all night.  Thanks Maggie for taking such good care of our little boy!  It is time to get some rest for our first day of treatment tomorrow.



Lynne and Tony


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