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Locks of Love! 4/13/2013

We are very fortunate to have such loving family and friends!  We can’t say “Thank You” enough for all that everyone is doing for us.  This one is hard to describe in words and even hard to write.  Travis’ 16 year old cousin, Bryan, decided he was going to shave his head in support of Travis for when he will eventually lose his hair from the radiation/chemotherapy treatments.  He talked his dad, Uncle Clint, into doing the same thing, although Clint didn’t really need any persuading.  WOW!!!  So, we set up a Skype session with Aunt Karen, Uncle Clint, Bryan and Grandma so Travis could watch the events unfold.  Their friend, who is also a barber in addition to his many talents, came over with his clippers and went to work on a work of love. Brian went first of course and since his hair WAS so thick, they had to cut it in two steps.  Before you knew it, he was done.  Then Uncle Clint’s turn came.  As a retired Army Blackhawk pilot, he was used to keeping his hair shorter so his turn was done in one step.  WOW…You guys are some good looking dudes! Just think about all the cost you will save on shampoo and the time you save getting ready in the mornings.


Travis is in awe that someone would do this for him and frankly, so are we.  We really appreciate you guys and your very open act of love!



Tony, Lynne, Tyler, Travis and Cisco


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