Travis The Warrior Website is Online! 9/29/2013

Care Calendar has been a great resource for us both in terms of support with meals and also for posting our updates so people can follow our journey.  But, we have had the idea of setting up a website for many months so that the forum can be more customized and interactive.  Well, we finally had the time to make that happen and are ready to switch over.  Even though we still have some details to polish up, the main structure is in place so we will start updating the website from this point forward.  All posts from Care Calendar have been moved over and some new features added.  Please check out the new site and make sure to enter your information to “Follow” the updates by email.  As Updates are posted in our Journal, you can receive an email notification.  Also, don’t forget to sign our Guestbook and leave a personal message for Travis.  You will also be able to Comment on each individual post.  Here is the link:


We hope you like the new look!


Tony and Lynne


4 comments on “Travis The Warrior Website is Online! 9/29/2013

  1. Happy Birthday Travis, I really hope you enjoy your Birthday today. Have a great day, and keep staying strong buddy.

    Bryan =)

  2. Happy birthday !!!!!!!!!😝😛😃😄 I know your Aunt, Mrs. Dirksen. I know her through school. I go to Clarksville Academy.I hope you feel and be better soon!

  3. Happy b-day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Fight that cansser

  4. Tony and Lynne, you did a great job. Our Travis The Warrior is not the only Warrior. Love you, Mom

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